About Us

About Us

Our Mission

At Pinnacle Claims Service, our mission is to deliver exceptional claims service with integrity, efficiency, and expertise. Specializing in property, liability, appraisal services, and roofing claims, we are dedicated to supporting our clients through every step of the claims process.

Our team of experienced professionals is committed to ensuring accurate assessments, transparent communication, and swift resolutions. By prioritizing our clients' needs and leveraging our industry knowledge, we strive to restore peace of mind and provide unparalleled service quality in every claim we handle.

How far we've come


Founded by Larry Hoeme


Expanded operation into Missouri


National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters Member


Expanded operation into Oklahoma


Chad Kuntz joins as Partner


Expanded operations into Kansas


Integrated Quality Assurance program


Expanded Line of Business to include Liability Claims Handling


Expended service offerings to include Umpiring, Apprising, and Expert Witness.

Leveraging highly skilled, complimentary capabilities to deliver a complete, top tier claims experience.

Deep and Broad Expertise.


Lawrence Hoeme

Director of Property Claims

25 Years Experience

NAIIA Certified Insurance Umpire and Appraiser (CIU, CIA)

EGA and Expert Witness


Chad Kuntz

Director of Liability Claims & Operations

25 Years Experience

Large Loss Casualty and Coverage Specialist


Making a Difference in Claims

Management Oversight

From the beginning of the claims process, management actively participates in ensuring that cases are handled swiftly and fairly. This involvement includes providing regular oversight and guidance to claims handlers, monitoring the progress of each case, and making decisions on any escalated or complex claims.

Efficient Caseload Handling

We are able to provide our clients with prompt service because our adjusters handle caseloads that are lower than those of the industry. Our team is able to handle situations more quickly and efficiently.

Experienced Team

Our experienced team is committed to provide top-notch customer service and has a wealth of knowledge. This is demonstrated by the average tenure of our coworkers and our strong staff retention. The majority of our claim personnel have been with us for years.


Pinnacle Claims Service utilizes top technology to provide cutting-edge advantage which includes the Filetrac system for effective claims reporting and efficient & timely processing.

Your #1 Trusted & Professional Claims Team.
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