Advancing the Standard in Claims Service

Why Pinnacle Claims Service?

Operational Excellence

Committed to superior customer experience and partnership supported by robust technology.

Centralized intake unit for new claims

In-house claims management system

Account management

Dedicated team of claims professionals extending client capabilities

Value Proposition / Advantage

Solutions to address the tough challengers, others cannot.

Versatile and niche coverage across business lines and services.

Network of skilled immediate catastrophe response personal

Conveniently located in key markets & multiple service access points

Superior, versatile, full coverage claims service

A robust, dedicated B2b partnership with daily claims surplus support

Competitive market pricing  

Stringent Quality Assurance 

Experienced team effectively manage claims process from FNOL to closure 

Customer Management Sytem - FileTrac
Advanced reporting capabilities and extensive analysis

Per adjuster, insured and loss type

Reporting delivered by insured's preference.

We utilize Xactanalysis, we also provide online access to our CMS and we also deliver via secure email and in PDF format.

User-friendly Access & Ease of Use
  • Auto-fill documents such as pre-formatted letters and labels to facilitate communication
  • Web-based system with mobile access
Secure systems and BackUp
  • Login with usernames and passwords/Auth O login verification 
  • SSL Data Encryption
  • Redundant daily data backup
Streamlined and seamless
  • Real-time dairy notes and notifications 
  • Claim assignment via mapping for high volume events
  • Seamless integration with Xactimate
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