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We have extensive expertise in handling casualty loss cases, including a comprehensive understanding of liability determination and complex injury evaluation. Our skills extend to effectively addressing various types of claims, such as commercial general liability, workers' compensation, and employee theft. This involves a deep understanding of the legal and financial aspects of these claims, as well as the ability to navigate the intricacies of insurance policies and regulations.

Additionally, We are adept at conducting thorough investigations, collaborating with legal professionals, and negotiating settlements, all of which are crucial in providing effective support in casualty loss cases.

Property & Catastrophe

We offer both Commercial and Personal Lines property claims adjustment services in all of our service locations. Our team of HAAG certified adjusters are highly skilled and experienced in handling a diverse range of scenarios. This includes expertise in assessing and managing claims related to storm-related exterior damage, as well as handling total losses.

Our adjusters are trained to thoroughly evaluate the extent of damage and provide accurate assessments to ensure fair and prompt settlements for our clients. Whether it's damage to a commercial property or a personal residence, our adjusters are equipped to handle a wide array of property claims with professionalism and expertise.

Property & Catastrophe Insurance Claims
Appraisal & Umpiring

Appraisal & Umpiring.

Our tenured claims professionals have extensive experience and expertise in the insurance industry. They have acquired a diverse range of industry designations and certifications which demonstrate their comprehensive knowledge and skills in claims management and insurance practices.

Additionally, they undergo cross-training to be qualified and appointed as an appraiser or umpire in the context of insurance claims. This cross-training equips them with the necessary expertise to impartially assess and resolve disputed claims as an appraiser or umpire, ensuring fair and informed decisions in the claims process.

PCS Roof Assist

We provide comprehensive roof and exterior inspection services for both commercial and residential properties. Our inspections are designed to be used as part of the claims process for insurance purposes. Our team of experienced professionals thoroughly assesses the condition of the roof and exterior of the property, identifying any damage or areas of concern.

We understand the specific requirements and standards for insurance claims, and our detailed inspection scope, photos, and drone services are aimed at providing the necessary documentation and evidence to support the claims process. Whether it's for a commercial building or a residential property, our PCS Roof and Ladder Assist services are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients during the claims process.

PCS Roof Assist

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